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Porex and Nubiform ® published in Cosmetics Design-Europe

In case you missed it, check out our latest published write-up in Cosmetics Design-Europe.  The article “Could Nubiform transform beauty applicators?” was written by Lucy Whitehouse 06-Apr-2017.  To learn read the full article click the link on the article title.  Otherwise check out these few snippets from the write-up…

Nubiform® by Porex
Nubiform® by Porex

“Nubiform, a new elastomer applicator solution from Porex, allows products to flow through its structure while also taking on a unique 3D shapes and offering an anti-microbial protection: the company predicts it will be a packaging game-changer.”


” People have tried to come out with lip stain applicators that look like lipstick using fiber parts, but imagine – with our capability you could make an actual flow though applicator that looks like a typical lipstick.  Nubiform moves product way from the wax type application to liquid applications.”


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