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Nubiform Cosmetics 
Looking for a unique material to take your cosmetics design to new heights? Nubiform from Porex is more than just a pretty new face. It's a breakthrough elastomer material that offers designers a new level of creativity. Nubiform is ideal for cosmetic sponges, liquid eye liners, eye shadow applicators, and other products that require a truly unique and comfortable feel. Nubiform offers a combination of softness and porous properties to create cosmetics materials that give new formulations a vibrant appeal.
Unparalleled Comfort and Hygiene
Nubiform is soft to the touch and gives users an exceptionally smooth and comfortable feel. It also offers anti-microbial properties that won’t wash out. This anti-microbial foam will give consumers a superior level of cleanliness and hygiene.
Precision Contouring
Nubiform offers a new level of precision and crispness for seamless contouring. Consumers will notice the difference with smudge-free performance from our cosmetic applicator solutions.
Unique 3D Shapes
Every cosmetics designer knows that innovative shapes help drive sales. Nubiform can be molded into numerous shapes without changing its porous, open-cell structure. This gives Nubiform unique flow-through characteristics, making it an ideal choice for new cosmetics formulations.
Collaborative Partnership
Porex understands the cosmetics market and has the experience and technological edge to extend or launch your brand. For more than 50 years we have supported some of the world’s most prestigious cosmetics brands. We can help you with your cosmetic applicator manufacturing needs.

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