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Shape Up Your Brand with Nubiform®

If you’re a product designer, here’s a heads up. No doubt you want the ability to create a design that meets your customer’s needs. And there’s no better way to celebrate a brand than by being able to literally shape a product to your heart’s content. Nubiform®, the new elastomeric technology from Porex®, breaks the mold when it comes to 3-dimentional shaping. Imagine a material that offers unlimited options—that’s design freedom that you will appreciate.

With Nubiform you can customize without sacrificing quality. Unlike foams and other porous plastics on the market, Nubiform’s structure allows it to be formed and molded into a wide variety of shapes and sizes. It maintains an open-cell porous structure, both as a flat sheet and in its 3-dimensional forms, and pore sizes can be adjusted to create unique textures. This gives Nubiform unique properties that make it ideal for diverse consumer products like makeup applicators and eye liners, as well as for protective sports padding–just to name a few. Nubiform is offered in a multi-layer structure or can be insert-molded to other solid plastic materials. It all depends on your customer’s needs. Wherever your design creation takes you, Nubiform is up for a joyride.

What’s more, Nubiform helps products stand out on retail shelves by enabling eye-catching brand names and logos to be embossed directly on the material. Products can speak for themselves when you use Nubiform.