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Protect Your Line-Up

Protect Your Line-Up

Designers of sports padding can armor up with Nubiform®, a new elastomeric solution from Porex Corporation that is making a big impact. Actually, more to the point, it takes a big impact. Engineered for protection, this cutting-edge material gives designers a high-performance alternative to foam padding that is found in shoulder, knee, hip, elbow and thigh pads. It helps protect athletes in football, hockey, snowboarding, mountain biking, skateboarding, BMX, and any other high-impact sport.

Using innovative technology, Nubiform offers an unsurpassed level of 3-dimentional shaping possibilities to custom-fit numerous apparel and sports padding applications. This flexibility gives designers the freedom to shape to their heart’s content—while giving athletes the protection they need for storming the field.

Nubiform also has a flexible porous structure to give athletes a breather. The material’s exceptional flow-through characteristics make helmets, shoulder pads and other apparel more breathable and less damp to provide cooling comfort during intense action.

Nubiform can also be enhanced with Porex® Barrier technology for a whole new level of anti-microbial protection. Unlike other technologies, Nubiform prevents microbial growth and reduces the risk of harmful and odor-causing bacteria. This reduces the potential spread of infections and cuts down on smelly equipment as well as locker room stink.

Athletes can reach top performance while coaches can be at ease knowing their players are safe. Nubiform provides a top-of-the line alternative to foam padding that protects athletes and helps them maintain peak performance levels.