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Open Cell Technology is Key to Customization

To move the needle in porous plastics technology, you need to go above and beyond any other material on the market. That’s just what Porex did when designing a new and ultimately customizable innovation: Nubiform®. Porex has taken porous plastic to the next level by creating a flexible, open cell porous structure that can bend—literally—to the needs of a brand.

By creating a material that allows users to vary the pore size and structure, Porex has created a paradigm shift in the elastomer category. Unlike competitive foams and foam-like products, Nubiform can vary in rigidity and softness by adjusting the pore size to suit multiple applications. What’s more, it’s possible to vary the pore size throughout a product’s structure. This means a product can have a rigid handle but a soft and comfortable end-point.

Nubiform’s open-cell porous surface can be tailored to increase or decrease the flow-through of a product. For sports padding, this means that Nubiform has the capacity to allow an athlete’s sweat to dry faster so that they won’t overheat. For cosmetics, varying pore size means maximum performance of make-up products using Nubiform sponges and make-up applicators.

Additionally, when it comes to material compression, Nubiform offers the ability to alter pore volume. Athletes using Nubiform sports padding can tackle the championship game head-on. By increasing the pore volume, Porex can help teams win by providing compressible material specifically designed to take on big impacts.