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Let Your Imagination Flow

In order to create a truly stunning makeup masterpiece, it helps if makeup wearers are equipped with the tools that only pros would use. Nubiform®, the latest elastomeric product by Porex®, is specifically designed and equipped to turn the cosmetics market upside down and empower both designers and end-users with tools that inspire beautiful achievements. It provides just the thing to enhance brands and keep makeup mavens on top of the latest trends.

Perfect for contouring, Nubiform’s ultimate precision control provides makeup users with a unique experience for face, lip and eye applicators. Nubiform offers a crisp, smudge-free performance that brings out the best in today’s novel makeup formulations. One way the technology enables this is through optimized product flow-through with a unique open-cell structure.

And talk about flexibility. Nubiform has been designed to work with an ever-increasing variety of makeup formulas with different densities and properties. Nubiform offers a never-before-seen capability to change and customize pore sizes within an applicator. This means product flow-through can be expertly tailored—sponges and wands can adapt to a specific makeup formulation so that flow-through is truly optimized. The result: an enhanced consumer experience.

For the cosmetics world, Nubiform brings maximum flexibility for maximum performance. It gives customers a feeling of happiness, and with Nubiform brands have a tool that sets them apart for the rest. And after all, happy consumers tend to be the most brand loyal.