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Introducing Nubiform®

New Material, New Designs, Nubiform®

 To create truly unique products and brands you need truly unique materials. Introducing Nubiform® – a novel elastomer that breaks the mold for product designers across a wide range of industries. Nubiform can enhance your brand by offering a high-performance alternative to foams and other porous products.

Nubiform lets you go with the flow using outstanding flow-through and breathability. Engineered with an open-cell porous structure in both its flat sheet and 3-dimensional forms, Nubiform is available in different pore sizes and pore volumes depending on your application.

Nubiform is giving new shape to porous polymers—literally. Its 3-dimensional molding capabilities give designers new options for novel products. It’s also a truly tough material with impact attenuation to maximize shock absorption. With all these benefits, Nubiform is perfectly suited for any number of products, from cosmetics applicators to sports padding.

Nubiform could be shaped perfectly for that new cosmetics sponge you’re developing to offer crisp, smudge-free performance. Or it could be an ideal fit for your shoulder pads or the padding for your new football helmet. Whether it’s used for putting on make-up before a first date or gearing up to defend a championship title, Nubiform gives end-users top performance – the kind that builds brand loyalty.

What’s more, designers have the option to enhance Nubiform with Porex® Barrier technology. This advanced anti-microbial technology helps make products safer and cleaner, and it reduces unwanted odors.

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