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Innovative Stamp Applicator Technology

Innovative Applicator Technology Makes Impression on Stamp Cosmetics

Nubiform® provides flexibility and enhances stamp applicator designs


The booming market for quick and precise application is an enormous focus for cosmetics designers in 2017. The industry is specifically seeing a rise in products that promise customers, regardless of skill level, a designer look in a short amount of time. Answering this need are products like stamps, stencils and other template-based cosmetic applicators. Typical of a beauty trend, the stamp applicator concept has prompted cosmetics brands to design their own smarter, more convenient versions of the product. This race brings a plethora of options to customers, who then face an important decision: which beauty product on the shelf will provide me the exact look I desire? It is this consumer demand for reliability and precision that Nubiform® provides in an elastomer technology.

Beauty bloggers and big box makeup giants alike are continuously intrigued this year by stamp products and their ability to apply makeup in one dab or swipe, significantly reducing ‘prep to ready’ time. Most of these speed applicators, however, have not outlasted the fad phase or do not become repeat purchases for beauty customers. Where the applicators tend to go wrong is with precision—they might apply a product quickly, but they simply miss the mark. It is essential for the customer to be able to achieve symmetry in their application, but many of these applicators fail to account for a range of face shapes, skin textures and facial features. This unfortunately leads to incorrect or uneven placement of the product.

The solution to unreliable application can be found in the Nubiform technology with an extremely flexible, forgiving composition that provides cosmetic designers the ideal material to improve stamp and stencil applicators. An open-cell, porous design creates a smooth surface from which both liquid and powder formulations can be transferred to the skin seamlessly and precisely. The omni-directional porous structure allows for optimized flow-through and dispersion, potentially reducing product waste that can occur when a formulation becomes clogged inside the irregular porous structure of a traditional applicator.

With the ability to be customized in shape, size and thickness, this new technology, Nubiform, offers cosmetics designers an unparalleled opportunity for creating a premier applicator guaranteed to provide perfect placement—every time. The advanced elastomeric material is ideal for a wide range of cosmetics functions, including contouring, highlighting and applying blush as well as foundation. While it is recommended for use with lip stain, foundation and eye shadow applicators, the material also holds design potential with eyeliner and lip stamp products.

Today’s beauty consumers are actively seeking stamp products that deliver fast and easy application. With its unique texture, form and adaptability, this latest technology offers users perfect placement of their cosmetics. Like a stencil, it can quickly provide diverse, uniform coverage that customers can duplicate with every use. It is this promise of consistency and dependability that makes Nubiform the ultimate alternative for cosmetics designers looking to add stamp, stencil and other template based applicators to their product lineup. Building consumer trust is essential for any cosmetics brand, and through its innovative composition, this cutting-edge elastomeric material offers that flexibility.