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The Beauty of Freedom, Flexibility and Control

The Beauty of Freedom, Flexibility and Control

There’s a new material for cosmetics designers, and it’s more than just a pretty face. Nubiform® is an elastomeric technology that is unlike any foam or foam-like product you may know. Ideal for foundation sponges, lip stain applicators, liquid eye liners, eye shadow applicators and other products, it gives designers and end-users a whole new level of freedom, flexibility and control.

What designer doesn’t want to be set free? Offering an industry-first combination of 3-dimensional shaping and flow-through technology, you are free to mold Nubiform into nearly any shape you can imagine. This also adds up to a lot of flexibility to meet virtually any design specification. Nubiform has a uniquely porous, open-cell structure, and its pore sizes can be adjusted to optimize flow-through of a wide range of cosmetics formulations. That’s important for designers of novel cosmetic innovations.

But perhaps what’s most beautiful about Nubiform is the exceptional control it offers. The material is comfortable and smooth to the touch, and it allows for precise, crisp and seamless contouring. No more smudges means complete control—and confidence. Make-up wearers will notice the difference, and that will give your brand a boost.

Designers also have the option to enhance Nubiform with Porex® Barrier technology. This anti-microbial breakthrough reduces harmful bacterial growth and improves hygiene. It gives your cosmetics product a new level of cleanliness.