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Nubiform Athletics
Nubiform’s advanced properties provide a unique, industry-first option for protective sports equipment manufacturing. From protection to comfort, Nubiform offers sports apparel designers an elastomeric material that combines exceptional impact resistance with anti-microbial protection.
High-Impact Protection
Focused on minimizing sports injuries, Porex developed the Nubiform technology to protect athletes in a way that is shaping the sports industry. With a porous structure and unique impact attenuation, Nubiform maximizes shock absorption for protective athletic equipment. Its performance has been tested in accordance with the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE).
Superior Comfort
Nubiform’s open cell pore structure offers athletic wear designers greater breathability characteristics for applications ranging from football and hockey helmets to shoulder pads. For athletes, this breathability reduces heat buildup for maximum comfort without jeopardizing safety. Nubiform’s protective sports padding material is ideal for equipment designers.
Anti-microbial Protection
Nubiform takes hygiene to a new level by incorporating Porex® Barrier Technology for superior anti-microbial protection. Due to its novel elastomeric structure, Nubiform technology allows even anti-microbial protection throughout the product structure. This gives designers a sustainable and cost-effective option of creating products with full anti-microbial protection.