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Nubiform sets you free to
tackle any design challenge
Nubiform is adaptable and
customizable for many designs
Nubiform puts you in control
of product development

Nubiform is a breakthrough elastomer materials.

Developed by Porex®, Nubiform offers exceptional flow-through characteristics that make it ideal for a myriad of consumer product applications. Porex’s custom elastomer material allows designers a greater degree of flexibility when engineering new products. For more than 50 years Porex has been developing advanced porous solutions and has partnered with designers and engineers to create novel and cutting-edge product designs.

3D Shaping and Molding

Nubiform has an open-cell porous structure that can be molded into unique 3D shapes. Unlike other foam-like materials, Nubiform maintains its open-cell structure in both its flat sheet and its 3-Dimensional form. This porous elastomer technology makes the material particularly suitable for consumer products like makeup applicators. In addition, Nubiform can be offered in a multi-layer structure or insert molded to other solid plastic materials.

Adjustable Pore Sizes and Chemistries

Unlike most custom elastomer products, Nubiform can be manufactured in variable pore sizes and pore volumes. Porex can adjust the surface chemistry of Nubiform, to create a hydrophilic surface or an oleophobic surface. In addition, Porex® Barrier Technology can be incorporated into Nubiform to achieve anti-microbial protection.

A Variety of Color Options

Porex has the capability to provide Nubiform in different colors. These colors won’t bleed or wash out. This flexibility gives designers a full range of options for creating breakthrough custom elastomer products for consumers.

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